About us

Orderz Powers Millions of Businesses Worldwide

OrderZ is a ecommerce website builder that assists business owners to scale up their profits online. We're your biggest supporters, rooting for you to succeed online.

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Our Mission

To serve Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers, we've continued to provide the greatest online ordering solution. Our reputation as trusted partners is based on our expertise, knowledge, and understanding of our customers. Our solutions are extremely configurable for all types of business. Our dedicated team of professionals goes above and beyond to create, deliver, and maintain world-class eCommerce that is tailor-made for your company.

Our Vision

We envision a business that would create and support industrial-strength and eCommerce solutions. Our vision is to deliver eCommerce solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises on hundreds of websites. We make it easier for people to become entreprenuers by making it easier to establish, run, and grow a business. With the goal of making ecommerce more accessible to everyone, we are lowering barriers to business ownership so that more voices can be heard in the future of startups.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps

We create entrepreneurs,
We build brands!

We are a group of experts who believe that technical advances will spark the next industrial revolution. Our goal is to redefine the future of commerce and transform the online businesses.

Customers First

Our organization functions to empower retailers in increasing their sales. Every decision we make and every result we measure is dependent on how well it serves our consumers.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps
Team on a Mission

OrderZ is made up of incredible individuals, but we can only accomplish greatness by working together. We're dedicated to assisting our consumers by collaborating with compassion and determination.

Think Big!

Being the best online website builder, our ideas and innovation never settle down for less. To better serve our customers, we challenge what's possible and always deliver outstanding solutions.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps
Integrity is key

We're up front and honest, and we're dedicated to doing what's best for our consumers and our business. We work together transparently in the pursuit of providing the best for customers.

Dedicated to making a difference

We are always challenging ourselves to be better. We concentrate on solutions and come to work every day motivated to make a difference through our skills, passion, and dedication.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps

Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion stems from a conscience in understanding that diverse, inclusive teams will produce the best results for our clients. Company, partners, and employees, Everyone is welcome to join us on our adventure.


We cultivate a culture that recognizes each employee's uniqueness, while also recognizing the common ideals that bind us together. We seek to create a work environment that encourages employees to be their authentic, whole selves at work and feel welcomed as they are.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps
Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps

Our differences distinguish us and contribute to the diversity we value. We pledge to create an environment in which each of us is treated with respect and dignity, and where each person's perspective, opinions, and ideas are encouraged to be expressed.

Equal Opportunity

Everyone, regardless of their demographic background or personal experiences, possesses greatness. We shall take steps to guarantee that everyone has an equal chance to develop and reach their full potential.

Create Ecommerce store In Simple 4 Steps